Our Bank Accounts

Dear Customers,


We are delighted to announce that we now offer new banking account access options. This change is not a random decision but a result of our close relationship and constant communication with our customers.

In recent times, many of our clients have expressed their desire for simpler and more accessible bank accounts. Taking these feedback into account - as our goal has always been to meet our customers' needs - we have decided to implement this opportunity.

 From now on, you no longer have to consider conversion fees, as we are now able to receive your transfers in the desired currency. If you are opening a new market or expanding into a new country, please specify the currency in which you wish to initiate the transfer, and we will send you the corresponding invoice for settlement. It's as simple as that, starting today.

All our bank accounts can be tracked on our central website under the "Contact" section. We regularly update the list as our customers open new businesses or enter new markets.

We thank you for sharing your feedback and contributing to the continuous improvement of our services. We hope that our new bank accounts will make your financial transactions easier and faster.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Thanking you for your assistance,

 12.06.2023. Leeds, UK



Best regards,

Mr Gabor Nemeth

Symfalogic Corporation